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When we design your roofing system, we think energy efficiency right from the start. We know what types of insulation will be the most cost-effective for each individual situation. If your roof is not draining properly we can design a tapered insulation system that will move the water off your roof as well as improve the insulation value of your building. And, we also take insurance requirements and safety into consideration.

When you deal with Twin City Roofing you get superior craftsmanship and the kind of total roofing knowledge our many years of experience provides.

Our Commercial and Industrial Services Include:

Every Job Comes With:

  • Existing Roof Evaluation
    • We begin our evaluation by thoroughly checking your existing roof to determine the condition of the membrane, wall flashings and penetrations through the roof.  We will take test cuts to determine the type and condition of your insulation.
    • Poorly insulated roofing can send energy bills through the roof. We can tell you how much heat you're losing and what it will take to solve the problem. We can add just the right type and amount of roofing insulation for maximum heating efficiency with the shortest possible payback.
  • Specification Writing
    • We have the expertise on staff and the roofing knowledge to write original roofing specifications. After an on-site analysis, we’ll plan and write specifications with the most energy efficiency and designed-in long life for the money.
  • Roof Layout Design
    • We design complete roof layouts, including insulation and drainage configurations. There’s no need to hire expensive specialized firms for this important first step.

When you need commercial roofing, call us for a free estimate.

Commercial Roofing Services

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