Metal Roof Overlay

Many pre-engineered metal buildings have been constructed in North Dakota’s harsh climate. Although some of these buildings utilize a concealed fastener to secure the roofing to the structure, there are a great many more that are installed by means of the “through fastened” method. This exposed fastener method relies on the neoprene washer to seal moisture from penetrating through the fastener holes. Over time, these washers dry out and no longer perform properly, thus allowing water into the building.

A building owner has the option of putting some kind of sealant over every fastener head or applying some type of coating over the roof. Neither of these methods will stand the rigors of our hot summer sun or the harsh winter conditions to which they are subjected. This becomes a bothersome routine that must be repeated continually in an attempt to keep the metal roof watertight.

An alternative option for building owners is to completely replace the metal roof. This involves removing the existing roof panels, which exposes the building’s contents to the elements and also disrupts their business operations within the building.

Our Solution

Twin City Roofing can solve this problem with a long-term fix. Our metal roof overlay system can be installed quickly and efficiently without causing any downtime for the business owner.

Our crews install rigid insulation in the flutes (the lower part of the roof panel) that has been custom cut to fit the width and depth of the panel. Additional insulation can be added to increase the overall R-value of the roof system. We then lay a cover board over all of the insulating material and secure all layers to the existing metal roof.

Our certified applicators then install an adhered membrane roofing system to the cover board. The most common material we apply is EPDM. A TPO membrane may also be installed. And for added peace of mind, we provide a non-pro-rated roof system manufacturer’s labor and material warranty.

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